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2022 Kramat Festival Preparation Hybrid Meeting

Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Capetown, The Republic of South Africa

Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at the residence of Ebrahim Peters, a hybrid meeting was held between the Indonesian Consulate General in Cape Town, Imam Adam Philander, Mr. Ebrahim Peters (Nurul Latief Islamic Association Cape Town, South Africa) and Mr. Shabier Ismail (zoom from Johannesburg).

Mr. Shabier Ismail is the chairman of the committee of the Kramat Festival activity which is planned to be held on 15-18 December 2022. The

The meeting was held to discuss plans for implementing the 2022 Kramat Festival. Kramat Festival is an activity of the Cape Malay community in celebrating the presence of Islam in Cape Town which is carried out in the area the grave of Sheikh Yusuf, a cleric from Gowa, Makassar who brought Islam to South Africa. Usually Kramat Festival is held every April (Easter Day) but in 2022 it was agreed to be held in mid-December.

Matters discussed at the meeting:

– During the Kramat Festival, the Indonesian Consulate General will display traditional games which are participated by participants, especially children. Quiz for children will also include content about Indonesia.

– The Consulate General will display traditional silat and Indonesian products

– The Consulate General will also display cultural objects of the archipelago

– Nurul Latief’s party has coordinated with Voice of Cape (VoC) radio who is willing to publish Kramat Festival activities free of charge

– Nurul Latief’s party encourages it to be carried out dissemination of information related to the implementation of the Kramat Festival of the Indonesian

The Consulate General in Cape Town consistently fully supports the planned activities. The Consulate General will also participate in these activities by promoting cultural and economic activities.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Capetown, The Republic of South Africa.


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