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Africa : Chido Mpemba, voice of young people within the African Union

Since November 2021, Chido Mpemba has revealed herself to Africa as the emblematic figure for raising the voice of African youth. The Zimbabwean elected as special youth envoy to the African Union Commission is only in her 5th month in office since her appointment. She also intends until the end of her mandate to facilitate the integration of young people in the decision-making process and to advocate for the implementation of progressive policies and impactful actions that promote participation, youth engagement and leadership towards the realization of the AU Youth Charter and Agenda 2063.

Having started her mandate on November 1, 2021 within the African Union Commission as Special Envoy for African Youth, Chido Mpemba continues to multiply actions to make African youth less vulnerable to climate change. The initiation of programs aimed at reducing the youth unemployment.

I am now representing the African continent especially with regard to African youth. As I said in the office of the chairman of the African union commission, as the youngest diplomat I make sure to represent the voice from 55 youth member countries across Africa.

Chido Mpemba, African Union Commission Special Youth Envoy

Of Zimbabwean nationality, her appointment as Special Envoy for African Youth allows her to raise the voice of the continent’s youth and to make young people’s concerns heard by the main decision-makers of the Pan-African institution. As a current priority, Chido Mpemba wants the involvement of young people in development and the creation of tangible solutions aimed at resolving the various crises the continent is facing.

My mandate is to create opportunities for intergenerational dialogues and good leadership. And such a moment for the African Union is an opportunity for me to carry the voice of the African Union across the continent.

Chido Mpemba is the youngest diplomat of the African Union Commission. A qualification which also serves as an asset within the institution to bring young people to support and promote positive social change, intergenerational dialogue and concrete action for the development of Africa, as underlined by the ‘Agenda 2063.


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