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Ahmed Nasser to head Union of African Sports Confederations

Its objective: to work towards the promotion of all sporting disciplines in Africa. He is General Ahmed Nasser, President of the Union of African Sports Confederations (UCSA) since 2005. Portrait of a soldier committed to the development of sport on the continent.

The Association  of African Sports Confederations (UASC) is the sports body that organizes and administers the main continental competitions, whether for national teams, such as the African Cup of Nations and the African Nations Championship, or for clubs, such as the Champions League, the Confederation Cup and the CAF Supercup. General Ahmed Nasser is in charge of this structure.

“I am ambitious in the sport and I am lucky that I have all the confidence of my general assembly.Just recently I was reelected to another 5 years for the   African Sports Union of Confederations.”

Général Ahmed Nasser, Président de l’Union des confédérations sportives africainesEgypte

The Association of African Sports Confederations has distinguished itself by its new roles and contributions under the leadership of President Ahmed Nasser since 2005. In 2023, several disciplines under UCSA’s impetus entered the pantheon of mixed arts practiced in African competitions. These include Muay Thai, wrestling, cricket, jiu-kendo, darts and padel, all of which help to raise Africa’s profile.

“We are trying to see how we can make it profitable and beneficial not only for the legacy. For instance this year I had the opportunity to thank all the presidents of federations across Africa for participating in the games. They gave legacies on wrestling, weight lifting, badminton, table tennis, tennis, Sambo which more of demonstration, MMA, chess as well. All of them are giving a legacy to Ghana in some sort of equipment or even the educational training of the officials and coaches.”

Général Ahmed Nasser, Président de l’Union des confédérations sportives africainesEgypte

Given the enthusiasm of young people, who make up over 60% of the African population, the President Major General of the Union of African Sports Confederations, Ahmed Nasser, and Unesco have signed an agreement for 2021 targeting children and young people in disadvantaged or conflict regions with « Sport for All » initiatives. The aim is to support the preservation of the physical and mental health of athletes, both amateur and professional, and to promote the ethics and values of sport and quality physical education through the fight against doping in sport.

“Africa is very rich, very rich with the sports standards. I mean it. The world cup final 1998,France won it and we said congratulations to France by the seeds of Africa since 87% of the players were Africans.”

Général Ahmed Nasser, Président de l’Union des confédérations sportives africainesEgypte

In addition to the UCSA presidency, General Ahmed Nasser was re-elected president of the African Triathlon Union in 2021. Through his various roles, he aims to multiply strategies to better promote the sport throughout the African continent.


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