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Africa : the challenge of building a new Africa

This May 25, as every year, was celebrated the world day of Africa.     A date that marks the anniversary of the signing of the agreements of the OAU (Organization of African Unity), May 25, 1963. An opportunity for each country of the continent to organize events with the aim of promoting the rapprochement between the African peoples. The challenge of building a new Africa, prosperous and peaceful for all, is the constant that emerges from all the initiatives related to this day of Africa.

In a conference room of the University of Limpopo, a province located in the north of South Africa, traditional dances and songs, to decorate the commemoration of Africa Day. On this day in this high place of knowledge, several speeches follow one another, to pay tribute to an Africa with enormous potential. For Chupu Stanley Mathabatha, the Prime minister of the Limpopo Province, a new way of approaching the problems of the continent is needed.

It is our responsibility as Africans to change the way the world sees us, and the beginning is now. To that end, with the University of Limpopo’s political commitment, when you say you have politics, you have a legacy. Your mantra is that, You want solutions for Africa.

Chupu Stanley, Mathabatha Prime Minister of Limpopo Province South Africa

The 25th of May is strongly rooted in all African countries, and it represents the symbol of the struggle of the whole continent for liberation, development and economic progress. Every year, on this date, the current Chairperson of the African Union Commission addresses the continent, a land of the future, which must rely on itself, mobilize its efforts, all in synergy, to be the destination that it really is.

The roadmap of railways, ports, airports, power stations, agricultural farms, pharmaceutical and medical products, industrial and digital parks but also artistic and cultural creation and sports spirit. I particularly invite our youth to carry and amplify this message.

Macky Sall, Chairman-in-Office of the African Union Senegal

For this 2022 edition, Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General has issued a message, painting Africa under the prism of hope that it carries. Despite the crises of several kinds: Covid-19 in 2020, the war in Ukraine for more than a month, which are backed by a severe humanitarian crisis, Africa is moving towards a destiny that is predicted to be enviable in many respects.

Africa’s prospects are bright. Notably thanks to the growing number of young people and their dynamism, to initiatives such as the African Continental Free Trade Area and the decade of financial and economic inclusion of women, or the Agenda 2063 which reflects the bold vision of the African Union for the future. 

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations Portugal

Africa is rightly considered the cradle of humanity, the origin of many peoples, languages, religions and traditions. A picture that obscures data such as the GDP per capita, the lowest in the world. Its development depends on the ability to transform its natural resources. A challenge for « the new Africa » as Moussa Faki Mahamat calls it


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