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Cameroon celebrates its 52nd National Unity Day

Cameroon celebrates its national unity day annually on May 20th across the national territory. This year’s celebration marks the 52nd edition celebrated under the theme “Army and Nation together for a united, peaceful and prosperous Cameroon”. The Army and civilians on this day  are expected to  parade across the national triangle to consolidate the ideals of unity, territorial integrity and social cohesion. It can be said that, it will be a moment of communion between the  population  and its army who are one in the process of building a Cameroon that looks towards the path of its emergence in peace and Unity. The head of state Paul Biya,commander in chief of the arm forces will preside over the military and civilian match pass  at the 20th May Boulevard  in Yaounde, Cameroon . The military troops from Equatorial Guinea will join 5,000 military and civilian personnel to give this celebration its full scope. Live at the 20 May Boulevard in Yaounde Cameroon,Sarah YEMELE , Severin Ndoukeu, Richard Ambassa reporting for AFRICA 24.


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