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Ghana : Combating hate speech ahead of Elections

In Ghana, ahead of the elections in December 2024 , political actors have been advised to avoid the use of foul language and hate statements. It is in this line that educationalist and government officials have launched several campaigns in order to dilute and conscientise citizens on how to express themselves amidst the upcoming elections. 

As Ghana’s 2024 elections draw closer and campaigning intensifies, political tensions are fast building up. Insults and hate speech are gradually becoming common in political debates and discussions in the media and other public platforms. Consequently, the use of indecent language and incidents of retaliatory provocative expressions by political party representatives are likely to be on the increase either online or offline. This has the potential of inciting citizens leading to possible violence if unchecked. This is a common trend which the government and other stakeholders seek to dilute before it escalates. 

Do not result in insults, insults do not help anyone. If anyone’s philosophy is bad, if you disagree with someone, say it! but then present an alternative. If you  criticize without presenting an alternative, you haven’t done anything. It ‘s just like telling you what you are doing is wrong, but then what is the right way? So political actors in coming out with their policies,should not just aim at condemning  , so if you are condemning , then, come up with better alternatives . That is how politics is done. 

Samuel Gyasi Obeng, University Professor Ghana

Consequently, the Media foundation for West Africa therefore seeks to contribute to peaceful elections in Ghana by building on the successes of its Language monitoring project in Ghana in 2012. The Language Monitoring project was widely commended as having contributed significantly to sanitizing the airwaves in the lead up to the 2012 elections.

Hate speech communication is like going to a home and speaking poor English  with a child. The child will perceive that and communicate the same way with you, and that affects the children .

Samuel Gyasi Obeng, University Professor Ghana

Ghana has been a  ‘beacon of hope’ in Africa for its democratic laurels since it entered into multi party democratic elections in 1992. However, this enterprise has come along with its own effects including Election related Violence, like hate speech , a societal ill which has been combated by government and other stakeholder. 


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