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The Nigerian government has established a Toxicology Center.

The Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology has created Nigeria’s first toxicological information center to assist reduce the country’s emergency room overcrowding and toxin-related death. The center will provide solutions to residents who have been affected by toxins and require assistance. The Nigerian government highlighted the toxicology information center will help communities save money on poisoning-related healthcare costs.

The raw materials research and development council has stepped up to the provision of the authentic and reliable data  on chemical toxicity with the establishment of a toxicology information center, the  first of its kind in the country. This became necessary as the accurate extent of acute or chronic poisoning as a result of search for raw material and mining is nevertheless unknown and many causes and cases of toxicity in Nigeria are poorly documented, notified and reported as well as risks poorly characterized, evaluated and managed in a systematic manner.

“We’re trying to create awareness at the same time, create a data center because most countries of the world have centers like this, where you get information concerning mining activities and several other activities. we’re going to have people that are going to receive calls, Are there any incidences of poisoning anywhere? and be told what to do.”

Emmanuel Kwaya, Director, Industrial Plant DevelopmentNigeria

The toxicology information center is designated to provide toxicological information  and advice on the management of contamination that may occur during mineral and other raw materials exploration, exploitation and processing, adopted to the level of the enquirer.

“People can come in when they are poisoned, we have trained doctors in medical toxicology because they are going to talk to medical doctors and pharmacists.” 

Anoka Njan, Project lead, Toxicology Centre Nigeria 

Nigeria’s Mortality Rate Attributed to Unintentional Poisoning: per 100,000 Population data was reported at 3.000 Ratio in 2022 according to the world bank. Data showed that tertiary care hospitals do not stock antidotes according to national drug policy, and the development of health care centers and professionals by organizing antidote awareness programs, continuous education and record keeping of poisonous cases, a situation the government intends to reverse.


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