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Africa : settling solutions in favor of africans in Ukraine

As regards to the war in Ukraine, many Africans actually find themselves stranded at the borders of this European country where some are victims of acts of discrimination and abuse. A situation that has sparked a wave of condemnations in Africa, and around the world. With the purpose of securing Africans facing this situation, some african leaders are actually seeking solutions.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is affecting thousands of Africans living in besieged cities. There have been numerous reports of Ukrainian security officials preventing Africans from taking buses and trains heading to the border. In addition to these difficulties in reaching the borders to get to safety, those who manage to do so denounce acts of racism and abuse against them. Faced with this situation, the international community calls for appropriate solutions.

The blocking of some African nationals at borders around Ukraine calls for strong action by African countries. First, we should start by repatriating the nationals of each country stranded in this situation, as Angola has done, for example. Then, at the level of each African country, it would be necessary to summon the ambassadors of the discriminating States to let them know clearly and unequivocally that this situation is intolerable. Then, at the level of the African Union, action should be taken to encourage different countries to file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights, as well as with the Office of the High Commissioner for United Nations for Human Rights, at the same time as we would report the situation to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, so that this situation is denounced and that it stops.

Kerwin Mayizo, Political Analyst DR Congo

According to the Nigerian government, around 4,000 Nigerians are stranded in Ukraine and are mostly students. Also in a tweet, the South African government said its students and other Africans were maltreated on the border between Ukraine and Poland. For African governments, all those fleeing conflict  have the right to have a safe passage specifically referring to the UN Convention, and the colour of their passport or skin should make no difference.

African students who were in this country took the road to be able to escape from this conflict. From there, we saw  that in reality, there is racism that took  place against them. When we look at Poland and Hungary, which are countries that are not used to differentiate blacks from white people, we notice that  what is believed is not always the reality. Fortunately, the media were there to bear witness to this discrimination against Africans in Ukraine. This awareness, moreover, has pushed the African Union to be able to denounce this treatment.

Hichem Ben, YAÏCHEExpert in geopolitics Tunisia

However  the African Union says to be preoccupied by reports stating the fact Africans in Ukraine are being denied the right to cross the border in search of safety as well as ill-treatment to which they are subjected.For this purpose, pan-African body urges all countries to respect international law and offer assistance to anyone fleeing war, regardless of his race.


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